Vehicle Consistency & ET Prediction

The importance of knowing, at all times, what the vehicle will run, cannot be overemphasized. Having that data will increase round wins and allow for easier execution of any strategy. There are many, many details that go into achieving a dependable and predictable vehicle, and in turn, knowing how weather and track conditions will affect it. Bud’s Place Racing School has worked with a countless variety of combinations, ranging from 6 second dragsters to 19 second daily drivers, 4 link to stock suspension, gas to alcohol, footbrake to transbrake, throttle stops, and restrictor plates. We can work with your current combination to eliminate unpredicted variations, custom design one of our CTW combinations that produce a very high level of consistency by “cheating the weather”, or any blend in between. There are 2 levels to choose from.

Level 1 covers key core components, such as: breaking down and analyzing timeslips, evaluating logbooks, finding and eliminating variables, understanding weather and how it relates to performance, establishing a routine for consistency, and basic vehicle tuning. Includes 1 year of support.

Level 2 includes Level 1, plus, more in depth elements, such as: recording and deciphering data, scrutinizing small irregularities in consistency, using weather and track conditions to your advantage, developing a combination to cheat the weather, and advanced vehicle tuning. Includes 3 years of support.