Reaction Time

Reaction time is the cornerstone of every racing program. Most races are won at the starting line, therefore, the ability to produce consistently strong reaction times is imperative. Bud’s Place Racing School provides very regimented and highly structured processes that enable the student to not only have good reaction times, but be able to do it repeatedly. There are 3 levels to choose from.

Level 1 covers fundamental building blocks, such as: establishing correct rollout, proper mechanics for staging and launching (with transbrake or footbrake), setting up a productive practice schedule, basic vehicle setup, and vehicle adjustments that affect reaction time. Includes 6 months of support.

Level 2 includes Level 1, plus, more insightful techniques, such as: multi-step process designed to obtain maximum focus and concentration, mental preparation, multiple practice methods that target specific elements of reaction time, and understanding when and how much adjustment to make. Includes 1 year of support.

Level 3 includes Levels 1 & 2, plus, more advanced procedures, such as: controlling heart rate and breathing, mental preparation for all situations, knowing your reaction time when you leave the starting line, shrinking your RT window and reducing misses, and realistic practice that mirrors the complexity of a racing season. Includes 3 years of support.