Finish Line & Strategy

Driving the finish line is a key component to winning the races that you should, while strategy gives you an opportunity to win races that you maybe shouldn’t. Having the reaction time advantage is just that, an advantage, and guarantees nothing. Doing what’s needed at the stripe is what seals the deal, and procures that advantage. But, what if you’re behind on the tree? Strategy, coupled with the appropriate finish line maneuver, can oftentimes counteract a reaction time disadvantage. Bud’s Place Racing School employs a wide array of finish line techniques and strategies, and tailors a program specifically for each student based on their respective comfort level, abilities, vehicle, and class. There are 2 levels to choose from.

Level 1 covers essential foundation material, such as: judging closure rate, calculating margin of victory distance, timeslip completion, exploiting the pros and cons of chasing and being chased, controlled braking, principal strategy and driving, and basic vehicle setup. Includes 1 year of support.

Level 2 includes level 1, plus, more involved tactics, such as: aggressive spot dropping, holding large numbers, manipulating ET, combining multiple strategies, and advanced vehicle setup. Includes 3 years of support.