At Bud’s Place Racing School, our ultimate goal is to see each student reach their full potential and their respective vision of success. To that end, we have categorized our courses to allow students to focus on the specific area they desire, at the level they aspire to. The extensive information is presented in a way that’s easy to learn and understand, and at a pace that is dictated by the student. But, due to the sheer volume of content, it cannot be fully absorbed in the initial session. Consequently, while applying some techniques throughout the season, the significance and usefulness of other components may become clearer. This is why each course and package comes with a select amount of technical support time included with it, as we are readily available and are committed to ensuring students thoroughly comprehend our program. We also enthusiastically encourage students to contact us with any questions or problems with their racing program, as our greatest resource is problem solving. We feel this dedicated program reflects our passion for advancing students to their maximum proficiency.